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2006 - Scottsdale, Arizona
Barrett-Jackson Auction
at "WestWorld"
RM Auction
at Arizona Biltmore

We are there...Wednesday, Jan.18 - Friday, Jan. 20

Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2006...

Charlie & Johnny Burrito at the Charlotte-Doulas International Airport.

We are jammed into coach class & Charlie is doing good work on the flight out to Phoenix.
We missed the $150 gate upgrade to First Class - BUMMER !!!

Now we are packed into the Hertz "courtesy" bus...

We are going to see, hear & touch lots of super cars, yet we are transported in a 2006 Pontiac something.  Maybe these will be auctioned in twenty years - unlikely.

Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd. home to Taliesin West the desert vision for living, working & learning from one of the great architects.

Driving out to the auction, I spy a new 2006 Dodge POWER WAGON !!!  First time I have heard or seen this vehicle.  It is NOT the POWER WAGON concept unveiled several years ago.

Ahhh...getting close now.  The desert & mountains are a nice change of scenery from  North Carolina.

A few desert flowers, before we get to the cars.

Phen (just Phen), my pedicab driver from Big Papa's.  Great fella & he dropped me off right at the front door.

Support your local pedicab drivers...these guys really bust it to get you back & forth.  Great fun & conversation is included.

Haven't even gotten inside yet & already a Ford GT & Mercedes Maybach.  Both cars are in the $350,000 range - so about three-quarters of a million sitting right there !!!

Now we're talking...

$21,000, #2 Condition
1976 Chevrolet El Camino Custom
Built by a Vietnam Vet to honor all Americans Missing in Action. $40,000 spent building this one -of-a-kind 4x4 El Camino.

Start of the auction staging.  Cars are in lot number sequential order.  Lots of cleaning going on here.  You can talk with the sellers, hear the cars run, do any inspections you like.

After being photographed in the yellow & white tent in the background, cars proceed to the second staging area.  These staging areas are the only way you can get comfortable with a vehicle you are interested in purchasing.

$51,000, #1
1955 Ford Thunderbird Convertible
Complete ground-up restoration.
And onto the last staging area, just outside the gigantic WestWorld tent.  Here's where the Speed Channel might talk with you about your car.

Finally, you make it to the big dance & get to drive your beauty up onto center stage.

$37,000, #3 Condition
1971 Pontiac GTO Convertible
Final judgment begins for this last year of the GTO convertible.

After 35 years, Barrett-Jackson has the auction process down to a science.

$39,000, #3
1970 Plymouth Barracuda Clone
It's a great time out here.  Lots of amazing cars & you walk right up on stage while the frenzied bidding process unfolds.

$50,000, #1 Condition
Back outside to see what's coming up...
Here's a '69 Jaguar XKE.

$64,000, #1
Next a 1971 Dodge Charger R/T
with a Magnum 440 engine.

$50,000, #1
1963 Chrysler Imperial Crown Convertible
"Nut & bolt" restoration on this beauty.  Chrysler only ever produced 531 of these 'verts.

$82,500, #3
1934 Chrysler Airflow, 2 door Coupe
4,508 original miles.

Lots of "Automobilia" for sale as well.

Here's a fun running greyhound from the bus line of the same name.  Only $8,500.

Can you name that movie ???

An adjacent track offered go-kart racing.

$115,000 !!!  #1 Condition
Ahhh, the unique German-made Amphicar.

1964 Amphicar 770...
She is designed to go 7 mph in the water & 70 mph on the streets.

Total production about 3,500.  Probably about a 1,000 survive, with a few hundred on the road.

German-made four cylinder engine is tiny.  It is all of 70cc.

The doors seal with an extra inside latch.  And whatever water does make it in, is expelled by the bilge pump.

Twin screws are actuated by a second floor lever next to the gearshift.  Note exhaust outlet in upper left corner, by taillight.

I spoke with the driver & he indicated $50,000 would be a solid bid, while $60,000 would be a bit high.  The Amphicar sells for $115,000 !!!

Cute Cushman golf car decorated for the islands & sporting Margaritaville decals.

$58,000, #2
1962 Chrysler Imperial Crown Convertible

Lots of power with a 413 V8 putting out 340 horsepower.  And power everything inside.

$68,000, #2
1969 Chevrolet Camero Indy Pace Car

$86,000, #3 & $97,000, #2
'63 & '64 Dodge 330 SuperStock
Both with 426 Wedge engines putting out 425 horsepower.  Lightweight aluminum bodies are are used for these drag cars with under 100 miles on the odometer.

The 1953 Bonaguro Special.  A hand-built car by John Bonaguro

Not Sold
The car utilizes components from many manufacturers.  1955 Olds Rocket V8 engine & transmission.  Front windshield & cowl are from a 1959 Dodge.  Seats are 1962 Ford Thunderbird.

Hand-crafted automobile taking six years from 1957-1963.  Most of the bodywork is all hand fabricated fiberglass.  Suspension is 1950's Studebaker.

Here's a fiberglass Auburn Supercharged Boattail speedster.  Old style with all modern components.

The NAPCO four-wheel drive system. Used by Dodge, Ford & Chevy as a factory option before the manufactures built their own in-house systems.

$70,000, #1
1957 Chevrolet Suburban 3100
This NAPCO upgrade has been performed on a cherry 1957 Chevrolet Suburban.

$52,500, #3
1970 Dodge Challenger 440 6-Pac Clone
Looks like it could be a Mary Kay car.

$149,995, #1
1912 Kissel Semi Racer
This unique vehicle was in a tent, along with twenty or so other cars, that you could buy on the spot.

The four-cylinder engine developed 40 horsepower.  A real powerhouse, in those days.

Two spare tires was the rule of the day for early 1900 road conditions.

$149,995, #1
1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird
The famous "Winger Warrior" banned from NASCAR.

Wild design that won many NASCAR races & was eventually banned from the circuit for being so hot.

$48,000, #2
1961 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II, LHD

$57,000, #3
1970 Dodge Coronet 500 Convertible

$68,000, #2
1915 Ford Model T Utility Wagon
with caliope & Dunbar popcorn wagon.

1915 Ford truck is as basic as it gets.


Great calliope mounted just behind the driver.  The self-playing calliope can be heard for a quarter-mile !!!.  Named after the Greek Muse Calliope.

Pair of 2006 Ford GT's.  You never see these cars anywhere, but here I've seen more than I can remember.

It's great to see car companies putting out fun products again.

2006 Ford Mustang on the Dyno.  You could get in the drivers seat & open it up !!!

Dodge Nitro concept SUV.
Click here for more info...

2005 Chrysler Firepower concept.  Based on the Viper with an SRT8 drivetrain.
Read more here...

Hot looking car.  Chrysler. Dodge & Jeep had a very nice display at the Barrett-Jackson auction.


2006 Hemi Charger Daytona.  Dodge is now coming back with option packages & stripes reminiscent of the 60's - 70's muscle era.

HEMI on display...
All the rage now.


Thursday, Jan. 19, 2006...

Each morning, Charlie & I enjoyed our breakfast at the Hilton Garden Inn, Scottsdale.  Our second day, we spent the additional $2.10 for the upgraded "hot" breakfast.

Here we stop at one of Charlie's favorite local lots...Bromm Auto Outlet.  Art Bradshaw showed us all around this nice classic car lot.  They also sell on eBay as "Up4Auction".

Great "Belvedere" script badge on this Plymouth.

Nice classic driver.  You'd be happy to put your sixteen year old in this tank.

The 'ol Cosworth Vega.

Jeep CJ-5.
I once owned the 10-inch longer CJ-7 for 10 years.  Great vehicles - maintenance free & lots of fun to drive !!!

Chief Pontiac riding point on a "modern" auto.

"There goes the Challenger".
Name that movie.
This car is scheduled for Hemi clone restoration.

Inside the shop, work progresses on two other Hemi clones.

The shop buys Chrysler factory crate Hemi's for $10,000-$15,000, depending on spec, and bolts them in.

$65,000 ,#2
1963 Corvette 327 Split-Window Coupe
We've made it back to Barrett-Jackson.  The quantity & quality of automobiles is almost numbing.

$31,000, #3
1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II
These cars are in a pre-staging queue for the big show.

For a Coupe, this is a huge automobile.

Ahh, the distinctive, tri-color Oldsmobile 442 badge.

$40,000, #2
1967 Olds 442
60,000 mile, one owner car.  Mostly original with one correct color re-spray.

$54,000, #2
1971 Dodge Challenger Coupe, 340 six-pak
Rotisserie restoration, picture that in your minds eye.  Moper's, especially Hemi's, bring the big bucks.

$28,500, #3
1970 Olds 442 with temporary accessory.

$43,500, #2
1969 Jaguar XKE, Series II Roadster
Recent repaint, major tune-up, new brakes.

$40,000, #2
1959 Ford Galaxie 500 Convertible
Last six months of production this Ford has factory Thunderbird Special YP Code 361 c.i. 303 hp Police Interceptor Engine.

Enjoying a break from the unending auction, we wander through the unending automobilia displays.  Here, the SuperLift folks show off an what I would like in my home shop.

Spyker C8 Caviolette.
Car was driven by Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct 2, for what that is worth.

2006 Mercedes-Benz SLK for only $462,000.

New Carroll Shelby Cobra Mustang.\\\\\\\\

Where there were go-kart's yesterday, today there is a drifting demonstration.

Lots of radical custom fiberglass autos for sale.

Equally radical hood ornaments to finish the job.

Charlie checking out the RV rental lifestyle.

Here's that '57 Chevy Suburban getting ready for the big show.

$55,000, #3
1960 Buick Electra 225 Convertible
Charlie has a '69 Electra 225 'vert.

$100,000, #2
1956 Chevrolet Corvette "Nomad"
2 door Station Wagon
with 350-cid Automatic

$65,000, #2
1971 Dodge Challenger
Modified with a Viper V-10 & 6 speed.

$100,000, #1
1941 Plymouth Special Delivery
4-door Station Wagon
Nicknamed "Plywood".

Great Plymouth sailing theme hood ornament on ol' "Plywood".

$4,000,000 !!! #1
1950 GM "Parade of Progress" tour bus.

Bus used to promote GM products in "Motoramas" created by Boss Kettering.  The bus toured until 1956.

$50,000, #1
1969 AMC AMX
California 500 Special
Beautiful car in one of my favorite colors.

$300,000, #2
1969 Dodge Daytona Race Car w/ 426 Hemi
ex-Bobby Allison NASCAR

$515,000, #3
1960 Lincoln Continental
Mark V 4-door Limo
ex-Elvis Presley car.

1970 Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda Convertible

Darth Vadar with Charlie as they compare & contrast the Landspeeder & '69 Buick Electra 225 'vert (Charlie's car)..

"Salty Sam the Peanut Man"
Fun peanut dispenser.


RM Auctions Preview...
Charlie scores big time, as we get to attend the preview party for the RM auto auction at the Arizona Biltmore.  This is a treat as they will auction a James Bond DB5, as well as the personal cars of Hank Williams Jr. & Al Capone.  Prices shown reflect final bid , but not the additional 10% "Buyer's Premium".  Following the final bid price is a "Condition #" as reported by "Old Cars Weekly".

$0, #1
The invitation only RM Preview Party is quite the show.  Free flowing Martini's shaken, not stirred, are then poured through ice sculptures.  Carved tenderloin & smoked turkey mini rolls become our dinner.  Nice party !!!

$48,000, #2
1936 Pierce Arrow.

Charlie checking out the Pierce Arrow hood ornament, one of my all-time favorites.

$120,000, #4
1958 Duesenberg.  Titled as a 1930.  The company went out of business in 1937.  So what is this ??? It's a Kollins LeGrande, designed by Packard engineer Mike Kollins, as a possible continuation of the famous marque.

The car uses a '51 Packard frame & boasts a 435 cubic inch V8, developing 400 hp.  The car never went into production & Mr. Kollins had been known to drive the vehicle around Auburn, Indiana.

$170,000, #1, Not Sold
1937 Cord 812 SC Convertible Coupe.  The engine compartment front, between the fenders, is often cited as resembling a coffin.

$42,000, #3
1948 Diamond T pickup.  A rare pickup truck.  Diamond T was primarily a big truck manufacturer.  Of course, this truck was just as perfectly restored as everything else we saw.

$230,000, #1
1933 Lincoln KB Convertible Coupe.

$73,000, #2
1930 Chrysler Model 77 Roadster.

More radiator car art graces the Chrysler.

And the pristine straight 8 engine of the Model 77.

$115,000, #3
One of the fine domestic offerings...
Still lots of wood on this 1949 Chrysler Town & Country Convertible.

Look at this perfect interior.  Makes me want to drive to the lake or Blue Ridge Parkway for a picnic lunch with the family.

The Autin nameplate.  British car maker that produced that famous Mini.

$18,500, #2
1960 Austin Mini 850 Traveler.
Cute little station wagon version of the super-compact Mini we enjoy watching Mr. Bean drive around.

Great chrome VW logo prominently announces the German car for the people.

$14,000, #2
This is a Volkswagen Type II Single Cab Pickup.  The bed sides all unhitch & fold flat against the body for easy loading & unloading.  This super clean beauty sold for $15,400.

$70,000, #2
No auction is complete without a red Ferrari...
here's a 1964 330 GT 2+2 Coupe.  These 2+2 models would evolve into the 1980's & become a Ferrari 400, strikingly similar to my '85 Bitter SC.

$155,000, #1
Charlie admires a sharp 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 Short Wheelbase Coupe.

$190,000, #2
Here's a 1 of 1 for ya...
1964 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible decorated with horns, horseshoes, pistols & rifles.  Owned & operated by Hank Williams Jr.  Cowboy theme done by company called "Nudie".

The interior sparkles with silver dollars adorning the visors, dash, door panels & console-mounted saddle.  First time I've seen a saddle mounted on the hump, natural fit I suppose.

Unfortunately, the many autographs penned on the convertible boot. do not show well in the picture.

Rear view of one of the most interestingly decorated autos I have seen.  I can just imagine the good times had in this land yacht.

$565,000, #2
Al Capone's Chicago car is up for auction...
A 1928 Cadillac V8 Town Sedan, complete with one inch thick bullet-proof glass.

Massive eagle radiator cap befits that big Caddy.

$195,000, #4
1907 Ford Model K Roadster.  A very "original" car that some collectors really prize.  Most cars we have seen at these auctions are frame-off / rotisserie restored to the highest standards.

Here is our host, Dr. Marc Petein with Charlie.  Marc graciously allowed Charlie & I to crash the invitation-only RM Auction preview event.  It was a real treat for cars nuts like us - THANK YOU !!!

$1,100,000 !!!  #1
Here's an absolutely stunning concept...
1941 Chrysler Thunderbolt.

This car was a real peach.  Super clean restoration of a super clean design.

This cars just flows & this is 1941 !!!

And love that THUNDERBOLT emblem.

James Bond 007

Aston Martin DB5

One of four cars with all the gadgets.  One car was stolen in 1997 ($4.2 million insurance payout), one is in a museum, the third in a private collection & this one used to promote the movie.

David Brown = DB
Aston Martin

$1,900,000  Wow !!!  Condition #3
Here's the Aston Martin DB5 with a live Goldfinger model laid out before us.  Like a Buckingham Place guard, she did not move or smile.

Front view of maybe the most famous car in the world...

Extending bumpers & machine guns popping out of the parking lights.

Superleggera = Superlight

Some poses for the press photos.

Rotating license plates.  Cool.

Complete with working bullet-proof shield.

JB007 license plate.  James Bond / Johnny Burrito, that works for me.

Truck view with some of the mechanicals for the gadgets designed by John Steers.  Same fella worked on Star Wars & designed the Light Sabre & R2D2.  Talented man.

Most recently this car was in the Smokey Mountain Car Museum in Pigeon Forge, TN.  Cool window decal from the now defunct museum.

Here's Terry, the PR man for RM auctions.  He had the great job of demonstrating all the working gadgets in the DB5.  Interestingly, this phone built into the door rest, was never used in the movie.

Interior shot of this movie promotion car.  The drivers seat is well worn from the around -the-world tour.

I am going to try a quick sit in the Aston Martin.

Oh boy, best seat in the house !!!  Man, this is a special treat.  I can't remember a time when I didn't know about this car & now I get to sit in it !!!

$300,000, #2
Nicolae Ceausescu Limo...
1970 Mercedes-Benz 600 Landaulet.  Stunning automobile with about 25,000 miles.

Philip & Marc have a sit where one of the worst dictators also put his bum.

Morgan 4/4 - four cylinders & four seats.

$36,000, #2
Beautiful two-tone 1948 Morgan.  Still hand assembled on a wood frame.  Amazing.
Sold for $36,000.


$80,000, #1
1965 BMW 3200 CS Coupe.

And finally, Al who shared lots of info about an event I would like to participate in one day...


Friday, Jan. 20, 2006...

Had to stop & take a picture of this bus.  Used by the Mexican restaurant Chevy's.
It's very  similar to my 1951 Dodge POWER WAGON bus with Wayne Coach...

Inside "conversation" seating configuration.

The back says
"900 TPH (Tortillas per hour).

RM Auction attendee arrives in one of those Cadillac Opera Sedans.  I've seen the two-door coupes before, but never a four-door.

Overhead view of RM auction day .  Lat nights preview leads to today's business.

Original Dodge "Job-Rated" Trucks sign.  I would have bid on it up to a few hundred dollars.

2006 Spyker.

Crazy cool car !!!

$550,000, #1
1930 Bentley Speed Six LeMans Tourer.

Beautiful green leather interior of the open Bentley,

The Bentley appealed to many folks.

$60,000, #3
1928 Ford Model T "Burning Desire" Hot Rod.

$910,000, #2
1930 Duesenberg Model J LWB
Dual Cowl Phaeton.

The sliver of a hood ornament on the Duesenberg.

Whew, how many wires make up this wire wheel ???

Another look at that 1907 Ford Model K Roadster.

The RM auction block in the Frank Lloyd Wright Conference Center.  Cars drove up, then rotated on a turntable for all to see.

The white-jacketed auctioneer adds to the sophistication with a the proper British accent.

A much smaller, seemingly more exclusive, auction than Barrett-Jackson.  Very relaxed atmosphere.

Taping & televising these auctions has become big entertainment.

Charlie & I now drive back to Barrett-Jackson & see the 1954 POWER WAGON center stage...

$48,000, #3
This is a 1954 Dodge POWER WAGON.  The open model here were primarily military export models.  Typically fitted with troop seats & a canvas top for the cab & bed.  Otherwise, these were the same as the domestic models.  

The POWER WAGON sports a 230 cubic inch straight six engine, developing 90 horsepower.  So basic, even I can change a head gasket.
Click here to see Johnny's 1951 PW bus...

What she lacks in horsepower, she makes in sheer brute force.  This truck will go absolutely anywhere.  With 5.89 gears in the rear end, the maximum speed is about 45 mph.

Oh my gosh...
the POWER WAGON goes for $48,000 !!!
The buyer is also charged an 8% premium, in this case, an additional $3840.  And, if you don't use a Barrett-Jackson transport company or, like me, just drive it home, tack on another $300.

Here's Lowell V. man-handling that POWER WAGON back to its Barrett-Jackson home under the tents.  Driving these trucks on today's streets requires patience & your full attention.

Lowell showing off what it takes to be a Barrett-Jackson driver.  A fun vacation / job I would like to do someday.

And here's beaming Joe, the proud new owner of this very fine 1954 POWER WAGON !!!  Joe is a custom home builder from Minnesota.  We had a nice chat & went over all the workings of this fun truck.  He wants to add a winch & I told him about

1949 Oldsmobile Woody Wagon with Hydro-Matic Drive.

$71,000, #3
The wagons a real beauty.  Nice wood tailgate, but by 1949, wood is largely gone from the sides.

Great GMC logo in the hood of this 1950's truck.

$46,500, #1
1957 GMC 100 1/2 ton Pickup
Another super clean truck at the auction.  Not many trucks trucks roll across the auction block here.

$29,000, #1
1927 Ford Model T Custom
Here's a fun "Munster's" looking vehicle.

The Tasmanian Devil graces the back end of this hot rod.

$23,000, #3
Here's a classic camper, the 1968 Volkswagen Westfalia.  Patti & I took a couple of fun trips to the Florida Keys in a 1978 model.

$10,500, #3
1981 Chrysler Imperial Custom Limousine
This is a one-off created for the movie Cannonball Run II.

1966 Dodge Hemi Charger Fastback.

426 Hemi badging, the "elephant engine" lies within.

$ 16,500, #2
Not a name usually associated with vehicles.

But here's a 1959 Heinkel Trojan 500 1-door coupe.  Very similar to the BMW Isetta.

Not a car to take on the busy streets of Charlotte.

Charlie & I enjoyed foot & back massages from the nice folks at this show booth.

Scottsdale Officer Sheldon & his steed keep the peace at the 2006 Barrett-Jackson Auction.

Charlie & I now drive back to RM to finish our days of automobiles...

The Arizona Biltmore hosted the RM auction.  Beautiful facility deigned by Frank Lloyd Wright.

We park next to a 1950's Ford Thunderbird with an Old English Sheepdog riding shotgun.

We arrive too late for the James Bond DB5 auction in which the Aston-Martin sells for $2,050,000 !!!  Man, that be a fun car to own !!!

$1.5 million, #2
1967 Ferrari Montagna Race Car
But Charlie & I do make it back in time for some other million dollar cars.

$675,000, #1
This is a 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 Berlinetta

$2.9 million !!!  #1
Here's a 1934 Packard 12 Runabout Speedster (1 of 3).

$130,000 #1
A 1948 Chrysler Town & Country was a bargain.

$345,000, new, in stock now !!!
Here Charlie & I check out the 2006 Rolls-Royce.  It seems a relative bargain to many of the cars we have seen auctioned here today.  Like my Lincoln, the new Rolls has suicide, um, "coach" doors.

At the touch of a button, The "Flying Lady" ornament now disappears into the grill.

Here I am ready to take the Rolls out onto the streets of Scottsdale, Arizona.  This is certainly the most expensive car I have ever not wanted to wreck.

THANKS to Chris Marchand, General Manager for the Western Region of Roll-Royce Motor Cars.  Super nice guy that didn't get too nervous with me behind the wheel.

In 1979 & '80, me & two buddies rented this 900 square foot house in Phoenix.  A beautiful park is still across the street.  Gone are the gunshots, bums & prostitutes.

Here's Sandy, who was gracious & trusting enough to let Charlie & I barge into here home at 6:00 pm on a Friday night.

Sandy,a Xerox exec, moved here seven years ago just as the neighborhood was beginning to turn around.  House was built in 1929 & Sandy has done lots of updating.

Here's my former room.  Looks loads better than when three young fella's were living & partying here.

Here, we meet Bruce (Charlie's buddy) & have a great dinner at Los Olivos in Old Town, Scottsdale.  Afterwards, we wind up at Morton's for BIG cigars & Tequila !!!

Entrance to Los Olivos in Old Town, Scottsdale.  A GREAT family run place that's been around for 50+ years.

Charlie & Bruce chowing on big plates of good mexican food.

Now, to finish the day at Morton's with cigars & tequila.  Bruce sets us up with Davidoff #2 stogies, Del Dueno Tequila with a Tuaca (Italian Liqueur) chaser.  THANKS Bruce, it all was a REAL TREAT !!!

Dodge "Caliber"...
What is this ???  Car is not in the Dodge, 2006 Full Line Catalog.  Michigan "Manufacturer" license tags - you rarely see those.  Two identical vehicles were in the Hilton parking garage.

Google search reveals this is a PILOT production vehicle slated for 2007 release.  You saw it here FIRST - how cool is that !!!





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